Vodafone / MatchPint

Cuisine: Beer

What’s the deal: ​Vodafone VeryMe members can grab one of 50,000 FREE MatchPint pints!

When: Until 28th July, 2021 (or until the 50,000 pints have been claimed)

Where: Across England, Scotland and Wales

Other: You must be over 18. Don’t drink? Never mind – you can also gift this freebie to someone else. They don’t need to be a Vodafone member. Once you claim the code, you have 5 minutes to redeem it



Cuisine: Beer

What’s the deal: ​Did you miss your birthday party over the past year? Book a belated birthday party with BrewDog, and they’ll treat the one being celebrated to a pint of headliner or soft drink or AF drink, a main meal and birthday cake!

When: Offer runs until 30th September, 2021

Where: They have bars in Soho, Clerkenwell, Camden, Paddington, Tower Hill, Brixton, plus more. Find your local here.

Other: This is only valid for one person per group. Groups must be at least 6 people, and need to be pre-booked 48 hours in advance.