Like food challenges?

Cuisine: Various

What’s the deal: A few companies offer the “eat all of X within a set time and get it free if you succeed – if you lose, you have to pay for the whole meal”. If you fancy the challenge, here are a few:

Venue: Meat Liquor

Challenge: Eat all three Chili dishes in 10 minutes, and it’s free!

Eat within: 10 minutes

Forfeit: Not stated

Venue: Las Iguanas

Challenge: Eat three portions of their Grande Nachos, with five toppings of your choice (plus covered in cheese)!

Eat within: 25 minutes

Forfeit: If you fail, it’ll cost you £45

Other: Available all day every day except 12-5pm on Saturdays. You must book at least 24 hours in advance.

Venue: Polo Bar, Liverpool St

Challenge: Eat a stack of 12 fluffy pancakes, with your choice of berries, cookies & cream or bannoffee and biscoff!

Eat within: 15 minutes

Forfeit: £35

Other: Pre-booking essential

Venue: Polo Bar, Liverpool St

Challenge: Eat five of their homemade steak burgers (steak patties) on a bed of chips and onion rings!

Eat within: Not stated

Forfeit: £50

Other: Pre-booking essential

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