Pot Noodle / ASDA

Cuisine: Pot Noodle

What’s the deal: Grab a FREE Lost the Pot Champion Chicken Pot Noodle (85g) from ASDA with this voucher!

When: Until 15th November – or until 11,000 vouchers have been redeemed.

Where: Nationally – in-store only.

Other: Once you have received the digital coupon link via text you will have until 14 days to use your coupon before it expires. To use the coupon in store you will need to click the link in the text message and select to “unlock” your coupon. Once the coupon is unlocked you will have 20 minutes in which to use it – please only unlock the coupon once you are at the tills and ready to pay to avoid coupon expiry and disappointment. You must be over 18.


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